Do you want it badly?

In the journey to studying success, there will be times where you just want to give up. There will be times where you just want to set fire to your text books and go live in a jungle, where exam marks and difficult assignments are only myths.

But remember, if you want it badly enough, you are going to find a way to get it. I have always believed that people who try harder than everyone else will generally see better results than everyone else. I believe this holds true unless you have a legitimate mental disability that impairs your ability to learn.

You can whine, complain and moan and tell me that the reason you didn’t get into the course you wanted was because your teachers don’t know how to teach or that you weren’t born as smart as everyone else. Well guess what? If you hold yourself accountable for your own failures or successes, you will realize that these things simple do. not. matter.

Tell me, do you want studying success? Do you want it BADLY? Are you willing to skip on your precious Friday nights out to study for your exams? Tell me, how many of you are willing to put down your freaking smart-phone to study for hours and hours a day? Doesn’t sound hard, does it?

Then why the hell are most people unable to do so?

Because we love making excuses. We love screwing up because of our laziness and blaming our ineptitude on a bad lecturer or even our own genetics. Even having the nerve to do this is an insult to all the successful people out there- do you think they just got lucky, that they didn’t have to work for this, and that they were literally handed the right opportunities and environment? NO! They got here because they invested their time, sweat and blood into their craft; because they were willing to do what it takes when ninety-nine percent of people were not.

So stop screwing around. From today onwards, YOU will be totally responsible for putting in enough effort so that you achieve the goals YOU want to achieve, and that as long as you live you will always acknowledge that you have the sole responsibility over your academic and career path.

And remember, if it is important to you, you will find a way. Be consistent in your efforts, don’t give up, and know that hard work always beats talent.

Get out there and make yourself proud!